Scanning as low as 1.2 cents
per page.

Document Scanner
Large scanner array increased capacity...
Document Management
Digital Media Group helps Global HELP organization provide medical text books to the third world...
OCR and Text Recognition
Database driven OCR filters increase accuracy to 99.8% - Leads the industry...

About Digital Media Group

Digital Media Group is an industry leader in document management, digital imaging, scanning and solutions development for the capture of analog data. Converting paper documents into digital files for enterprise solutions, legal documents, business documents, real estate documents. Digital Media Group operates a large array scanner platform. This large scanner array is completely scalable for you business needs, any size organization, any size documents, large or small business or corporate scale. Digital Media Group utilizes state of the art Cloud server architecture for maximum accessibility and reliability. Business, digital, digitized, documents, large, big business, corporate, computing, printing, computers, printers, storage, networking, hardware, software, computer products, corporate business information, business advice, technology, recommendation, real estate, accounting, medical, graphic design, graphics, legal, assistance, services, e-services, imaging, server, scanner, scanning, storing, expanding, supplies, office blueprint, specials, offers, new, news, info, web, free white papers from imaging and printing managed enterprise solutions.

Document Scanning Specialists

  • Document Scanning, scanning, OCR

    Document Scanning

    High speed scanning solutions. Digital Media Group uses state of the art scanning array. completely scalable to any size document scanning project..
  • OCR adn Text Recognition, document scanning, imaging

    OCR and Text recognition

    Optical Character Recognition and Text Recognition are our speciality. Digital Media Group has developed industry leading OCR filters producing the most accurate text recognition available.
    Call toll free for price 1-800-259-2388.
  • Medical and Legal document scanning, OCR, text recognition, scanning

    Medical and Legal document scanning

    Legal documents, Medical records and litigation documents are no problem for Digital Media Group's document scanning solutions. Document scanning for Litigation, Medical Records Scanning Service, Legal documents to Eliminate Paper Filing. Scanning as low as 1.2 cents per page. Call now for a free estimate. 1-800-259-2388